What You'll Get:

We'll install your new WordPress blog on YOUR domain name and hosting account so you'll own it. All you need to do is register a new account with HostGator. No Catch and no Hidden Fees! Click the button to begin and we'll send you next steps.

You can customize the look and feel of your new blog exactly as you wish! Ready to get your new blog? Click the button now. Want more details? Read on.

C'Mon Bro, Why is this FREE?

We run a digital marketing agency and setup blogs all the time! Our team is super efficient at tackling the technical details that stop most bloggers from ever starting.

We setup your new blog for FREE when you register a HostGator hosting account through our link. We receive a small commission from the hosting company, and this offsets our cost to setup your blog. Win-Win-Win!

You'll need a hosting account for your new blog anyway, so when you get it here you'll receive a discount + FREE blog setup! Pretty darn sweet, huh?

Ready to Start Your Blog? Let's do this thing!

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What is the Process?

1. Click the link to request your FREE blog setup.
2. Answer a few questions so we can get to work.
3. We'll email you simple instructions on how to setup your hosting account.
3. We setup your blog and you can start blogging!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Hosting Company?

A hosting company is where your blog is "hosted." Think of it like a storage bin for your files. We suggest HostGator because they're affordable and offer great customer service. You can pay month-to-month, cancel anytime, PLUS you get a discount through us.

A domain name points to where your blog is hosted, e.g., www.yourblogname.com  So if you already have a domain name, great! We'll use that. Or, simply choose one when you signup for your hosting account.

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2. Will I Own My New Blog?

Yes! That's why people choose to have us set it up for them. Unlike so-called free versions of wordpress.com, blogger, or tumblr, YOU will own your blog and have control over it...and that's why you need hosting. This means no one can delete it after years of hard work, and you gain full functionality to add all the bells and whistles you want. We will setup a version of WordPress so you can benefit from its flexibility but have full control.


3. Are there any hidden fees or contracts?

Nope. There are zero fees for us setting up your blog. You will only pay HostGator for hosting through our link, and you can choose their discounted annual rate or month-to-month for less than $9/mo! We don't have anything else to sell you, nor do we require a contract. Again, HostGator pays us when you signup. That said, in order to take advatange of our free setup you need to sign up for a new hosting account via the link that we'll send you.

4. Can I Make Changes to My Blog Website After You Install it?

Yep! We will install a brand-spanking new theme (website) on your blog, and you can update it (or change it) until your heart's content. WordPress is pretty easy to learn, and you can personalize the look, feel, and colors to match your message!


5. Anything else I Should Know?

This is pretty straightforward, son.  Just signup for hosting through our link and we'll send you a form to gather the info like your domain name, etc. We'll put a brand new theme on your website, and from there you can customize away!

Note: If you already have a website like mywebsite.com, we can't "add" a blog to that domain through this offer. This is for brand new setup.  Any support you need will take place with HostGator after we setup your new blog.

It's a pretty good deal, eh? Don't let the technical stuff hold you back from sharing your message online!

Go ahead and request your FREE blog setup below, and we'll have you up in running in no time.